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Bechtel Corporation () is an American engineering, procurement, construction, and project management company, founded in San Francisco, California, and headquartered in Reston, Virginia. It is the largest construction company in the United States and the 11th-largest privately owned American company in 2018.


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Former Employee - Human Resources says

"Set rules that management doesnt have to abide by, favoritism, unfair promotions, etc"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Constantly wants you to move; Onboarding process for entry level hires is non-existent; management is awful; HR is a complete mess; a lot of office politics"

Former Employee - Senior Structural Engineer says

"Low quality of work process and disrespectful people"

Current Employee - Engineer says

"- 0 job security - multiple layoffs per year - secretive - losing jobs - new hires can be laid off within months - its all about who you know - no real HR"

Former Employee - Human Resources says

"- Heavy internal politics - High Turnover - Unrealistic expectations of high-performing employees - Do not allow flexible work schedules or work arrangements - No work/life balance - Breed "dog eat dog" environment - Do not fairly advance the "right people" - Good work is rewarded with more work than humanly possible - Do not invest time or money in the appropriate tools and programs for employees - Do not allow continuing education opportunities - Do not support conferences, additional learning opportunities for employees - Lots of talk about being transparent but decisions made in a "black box" - Don't do what they say they are going to do"


"Need to be connected to get in Workload is high Can’t get help"

Former Employee - Plant Designer says

"Mismanagement of projects with unethical standards...shocked and awed most if the time."

Former Employee - Senior Specialist says

"still room for improvement with culture"

Former Employee - Studies Manager says

"Seems colder and remote compared to when I was with them in San Francisco, Houston and overseas."

Current Employee - Advisor says

"Sandbagged their San Francisco Employees and told them the office would not close. Two months later, all out of work Then they open an LA office. WTF?????"

Project Lead (Former Employee) says

"Worst untrained leadership outside of Congress. Forced, unpaid overtime, good old boy nepotism, racist, sexist policies. You will work In a bull pen under fluorescent lights with cameras trained on you unless you are a man and a buddy of the boss. This is a two-faced business entity that has managed to work on government contracts despite their illegal 19th century paradigms. Go elsewhere."

Control Systems Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Permanent position that isn't permanent. Job can end anytime with out alternate options after moving you across the country/around the wold. Does not engage education and mind. Working at a technical admin level. O actual engineering work."

Study Planner (Former Employee) says

"Was a temp role in a Company that did not treat me like one of their own. Was not involved in meetings, was not invited to coffee's or drinks. was not part of 'the club' was concerned about longevity of role!"

Millwright General Foreman (Former Employee) says

"The lowest paying job that I ever had in the position that I was employed in. In the same position at three other companies I received at least 3 more dollars per hour."

Light Equipment Operator (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommended this company to the worse of my enemies, most of the management is out to watch for themselves, constantly watching for ways to get rid of their employees.NoneBackstabbers"

Derrick Hand (Former Employee) says

"As far as oilwell servicing goes, the work is pretty typical. Monthly safety meetings that really amount to nothing, since you will be told to do some insanely unsafe tasks. For example you will be told to spot in and rig up in the dark, you will be hanging the horses head on in the dark, you will be pulling/running tubing in the dark. You will pull a 20 hour shift and be expected to show back up 3.5 hours later to do it all again. There are 1 salaried worker for every 10 hourly righands so we are working to pay for their benefits package, which is considerably better than ours. When times are slow you can expect to still show up every morning for at least 4 hours... for no pay, while those abundant salaried workers are still cashing their $2500 checks. If you speak up they will threaten to fire you, and when you try to find other employment they will screw you. $17K FAMILY HEALTH INSURANCE $0 401k MATCH 3 FR UNIFORMS PER WEEK 15 MINUTES OF FREE WORK EVERYDAY PROVIDE YOUR OWN GLOVES"

tested welder (Former Employee) says

"I was employed as a welder and they got me to do cleaning management selfish people very rude.when I got hospitalized, due to a spider struck my leg I was forgotten in the hospital, no visits no nothing never paid me for the time I spent in hospital really selfish people.good wagesdon't appreciate a person for their worth"

Union Laborer (Current Employee) says

"They don’t take care of the people. They don’t pay out of towners enough. They don’t give people paid time off for families. They aren’t concerned for single mothers who struggle to pay for childcare and don’t have an understanding when we have to miss work because our children are sick."

stuctural welder (Former Employee) says

"I've been welding for 22 years and not ever have i worked at a place so unprofessional. the management and the people from the valley area give Bechtel a bad name.nonepoor management, 956 people"

NS PBS Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"They would ride you too hard and threw safety out the window. The people there were hard to get along with there management was a joke and they never cared about people's. Safety out there."

Electrical Apprentice (Former Employee) says

"Leadership was a no go. they were sloppy its was a very diverse setting and overall horrible experience. Said over time was available but only for journey men and fore mens."

Field Materials Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I was never asked to utilize my many years of experience as a profession procurement/material manager in the entire time that I was there. I was never given a raise, or an opportunity to further myself."

Crane operator (Former Employee) says

"The pay is not good. Management is confused. Hours are not consent. Too many rainouts. Even when it’s not raining. It would be very hard to earn a living at this particular job.Non that I can think ofLow pay. Minimal hoursUnfortunately, this is not a BPMI review. BPMI does not hire crane operators, nor do we have a location in Portland, TX."

Pipefitter (Current Employee) says

"You have to know someone to move up. If you’re not a brown noser or know anybody you won’t move up. You could be the hardest worker there and no advancement.NoPolitical"

Instrument & Electrical QA/QC (Current Employee) says

"they don't treat you good, don't have a good benefits, the pay is too low and the hours its the same I don't recommend nobody to work for this company ever"

Field Engineering Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company is nothing more than a good 'ol boys club. I have never worked anywhere else that had such a poor culture within the organization. Great lack of job satisfaction, and working conditions/ offices were terrible."

Process Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Outsourcing work to India workers loyal to the company being forced to train then they lay them off one group went from 190 to 40 in 1.5 years, Houston office is closing soon due to outsourcing.good payincompetent managers and outsourcing very Un-American"

Pipefitter Journeyman (Former Employee) says

"Pipefitter Journeyman on job side in Sabine Pass LA long drive to, from job site no career advancement poor management and foremen unhealthy work environme4nt due to job site conditions"

Chief of Crews (Current Employee) says

"good work environment to work in. all people are professional , class act . honored to provide my services. as an surveyor. the team we have is world class.close to home.ending"

Pipe Fitter (Former Employee) says

"Good pay, poor supervision, and when they don't want to pay bonuses they will find a reason to fire you instead of a lay off or just make up things to fire you forPayEverything else"

No To Bechtel says

"Lots of favoritism, bad people in upper management. Eventually, everyone will know that Bechtel sucks."